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Business, Environment and Human Rights

Natural resources fuel conflicts and exacerbate the environmental consequences of resource exploitation in conflict zones. On 8 October 2021, the United Nations passed a resolution recognizing access to a healthy and sustainable environment as a universal right for the first time in history. Mapping the footprint of accelerated resource extraction, energy projects, and timber trade in conflict zones before and after the major political transition is one of the critical pieces of CEFWG's work. Our work supports researchers, advocates, and policymakers' critical data that has demonstrated the deleterious human impacts of these activities and informed decision-making in conflict-affected countries worldwide. 

Foreign Direct Investments 


One of the most important and most frequently raised issues related
to FDI is its impact on the natural environment. We conceptualize and investigate the drivers of the environmental performance of foreign firms. The results provide researchers, advocates, journalists, and policymakers new insights into the implications of foreign investments in different sectors.

Monitoring China's Investments


​CEFWG's analysis and dataset of the Belt and Road Initiative reveal major environmental regulation gaps and implementation problems.

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