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Energy and the Environment

The energy sector of the world is a significant environmental destructor and contributor to the climate crisis tormenting biodiversity, human health, and livelihood globally. The work at CEFWG includes analyzing and mapping the pattern of global energy projects and their associated impacts on the environment and socio-economy.

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The oil and Gas Industry significantly diminishes terrestrial ecosystem 

Energy transportation increasingly impacts the terrestrial ecosystems, fragmenting forests and habitats, endangering species, and wiping out populations in Myanmar. Much of CEFWG's work on the energy sector involves investigating the extent and impacts of energy extraction and transportation. Our projects include oil and gas operation and transportation, the construction of hydropower dams, and the special economic zones. 


Special Economic Zones

We track major Special Economic Zones (SEZs) around the world using sattlite imageries, machine learning and participatory approaches.

Working Paper

Global Energy Projects, ecosystem and livelihood

Sattelite imagery and machine learning provide ideal tools for tracking energy investment activities on a global scale. CEFWG rapidly monitors changes in near real-time covering all of the world's territory. Our work includes investigating and documenting the pattern of energy investment, tracking activities, and applying artificial intelligence to detect environmental destruction from their operations.

Working Paper
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